Best Online Incomes- SEO, E-Marketing and Copywriting

Have you ever been on YouTube looking for a particular video only to get sidetracked by the thousands of tempting “How to Make a Million Dollars” videos? Of course, we all have and that is why they seem to multiply each week. Getting rich quick and easy is easy to sell but unfortunately not so easy to implement.

Yes, there a few fortunate entrepreneurs that have made a lot of money off of an original concept. However, these stories most certainly contain a lot of trial and error including multiple failed attempts before a reliable cash stream was created. Even in the scenario where someone was successful, what is the likelihood that their success will suddenly work for everyone? Ok, its fun to dream but we know its less likely than winning the lottery. This leaves us with the reality that income requires some form of effort and here we will discuss the most legitimate opportunities you can start today; SEO, e-marketing and online writing.

In this article, I am going to lay out out in a simplified and direct way, how to start these online jobs that provide a realistic income, flexible schedule and growing opportunity. Better yet, with the advent of new software and online platforms much of this work can be automated allowing you more time to seek out new business. The goal is to provide you with all of the information you need in a nice compact forum and avoid the schemes.

Videly software

Learning SEO

If you have not heard of SEO by now, you have not really investigated online incomes. With nearly every business utilizing web traffic in some form, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a highly prized skill that gains traction for any website, blog or advertisement. The demand for SEO content writers is not going away anytime soon and with the constant evolution technology, it is easier than ever to learn how to increase web traffic through clever word choices, graphics placement and so on. After learning SEO, you can start building your pipeline on job boards such as or if you enjoy writing, see the links further down. The great part of SEO is that it can be easily learned and applied even easier with the right tools. How2Rank is a great resource to quickly get you into SEO and on your way to collecting pay for your work. James Jernigan shares his tips in a easy-to-follow, 7 day program that is for everyone, including those who have never made a website. This is the launching point for your SEO career.

Freelance SEO

If you have a basic knowledge of SEO or have completed How2Rank’s training (see above) and are looking to promote your website or sign up clients to significantly increase their web traffic WITHOUT having to pay for advertisements, there is no more comprehensive set of SEO tools than

For a more automated system, try out SEOBUDDY’s “The SEO Checklist“. It has a user friendly interface that utilizes a 102 point checklist to analyze your site and provides all of the feedback and steps you need to take. Here is where automation will allow you to spend more time looking for business while the checklist does the work.



E-Marketing is another high growth industry where you do not need a ton of experience to enter and clients are plentiful. After learning some basics, you can maximize your marketing efforts by letting technology take the lead. Just like SEO, E-Marketing is a great industry where you can utilize software to automate much of the work. This is key if your look to start a side gig to start or freeing up time once your business is established. Magic Submitter is a can’t miss program that spins and submits articles, videos, blogs and press releases to over 500 sites and gives you 1,000’s of backlinks automatically! For those who are unfamiliar, backlinks are what legitimatizes your websites in the eyes of search engines and puts you at the top of search results.

Magic Submitter

Online Writing

Online writing, e-writing, copywriting are more or less the same thing. The key point is that website owners, online retailers and other marketers do not have the time or skills to create effective writing. This can include website product descriptions, blog articles, website content writing and so on. The writing opportunities are endless and if you have a passion for prose, your in a great position. However, you do not necessarily have to like something to be good at it. Have you ever read a product description and felt they failed to make a sale because it was so bad? This is not uncommon and where online writing has become so in-demand. If you have a good handle on typing and decent grammar, check out out these popular sites that will start you on your path to writing for a living.

Straight and to the point, you fill out a quick questionnaire and then they show you open writing jobs. Paid Online Writing Jobs is the writers help wanted page. You never knew it was this easy!

paid online writing jobs

Another hugely valuable site, WriterHelpWanted,com will help fine tune your writing skills business by teaching you where to find and how to land your best writing gig. to capitalize on the opportunities. What makes writing so intriguing is the ability to work from a laptop anywhere, flexible hours but most importantly develop clients that will send continuous work your way.

writer help wanted

Good luck!

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  1. The process is easy. Simply choose the keyword that applies to your business’s niche and optimize for the keywords that will work best for your business. If you want to get the most targeted traffic, you must invest in SEO.


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